Nissaya Retreat


“With loyalty to my teachers, I accept this ordination

in harmony with friends and companions, I accept this ordination

for the attainment of Enlightenment, I accept this ordination

for the sake of all beings, I accept this ordination.”


At ordination we take the four lines of acceptance.  What do these lines of acceptance mean in practice?  What does it mean to accept them?  How does my Order life reflect these beautiful aspirations and how could I embody them more fully?  

An Order retreat for those in the first five years after ordination, this retreat helps you step back and reflect creatively with those in the same phase of ordination.  Nourishing and enlivening, take hold of this precious opportunity at this unique time.



The deposit for our retreats is non-refundable and non-transferable under all circumstances.

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Sorry, but there are no single rooms available on this retreat now
Order members only
Friday, August 30, 2024 to Friday, September 6, 2024
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