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“One must set an example … of impartiality and detachment, an example of love for humanity as a whole, an example of genuine devotion to the achievement of world peace by non-violent means.  It has to be an example of sanity and compassion.”  Sangharakshita, ‘Buddhism, World Peace and Nuclear War’

“Some persons might advise you that you have physical freedom.  Of course, you can go anywhere, can speak anything you wish, subject to the restrictions imposed by law.  But what is the use of such freedom?  We have a mind as well as a body.  Mere physical freedom is of no use. Freedom of the mind is of prime importance… A person whose mind is not free, though they are not in chains, is a slave… To whom can we say that their mind is free? I call them free who with consciousness awake, realise their rights, responsibilities, and duties.”  Dr Ambedkar, ‘What Path to Salvation?’

A new retreat in Tiratanaloka’s programme, we will look in more depth at Sangharakshita’s teaching on the individual, the group and the spiritual community.  It is easy to underestimate this teaching, but Sangharakshita and Dr Ambedkar both shared a vision of our potential, how we can make a difference to our society by responding to the world with creativity, love and awareness.  How do we break the fetters that bind us?  How do we develop a sense of responsibility, independence and fidelity to what we most truly value?  As Order Members, we can be the example of sanity and compassion that the world most desperately needs.


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Friday, October 25, 2024 to Sunday, November 3, 2024
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