Tiratanaloka Sign

What Is Tiratanaloka?

We are a community of 8 Dharmacharinis living together, running retreats and taking care of our retreat centre. As the Tiratanaloka Ordination team we offer a training for ordination. This training has two aspects: getting to know and understand the Order, which is based on Sangharakshita’s vision, and deepening one’s practice to the point at which it becomes effective.

Stupa and retreatants

Who Comes On Retreat There?

All of our retreats are for women who have asked to join the Triratna Buddhist Order, called Going for Refuge retreats, and Dharmacharinis. Tiratanaloka has a rich history of being a women-only space, including trans women. We are open to bookings from a wider diversity of gender identities in keeping with our tradition as a women-centred retreat centre. If you are unsure if Tiratanaloka is a good fit for you, please get in touch.