The Bodhisattva Path

“In a reactive state you feel cold and hard as though there's a tight little ball inside you or as if you are constantly circling back on yourself.  But in a creative state you feel free and open, flowing and expansive; instead of the little ball there is warmth, radiation, a spiralling outwards and upwards.”  Sangharakshita, ‘Living Wisely’

How can we create the conditions to cultivate a more expansive attitude, and what are the conditions that help support that?  On this retreat we will look at not only the beauty of the bodhisattva ideal, but also the realities of what we are working with to enable the bodhisattva to manifest individually and collectively.  A good theme to explore as we turn inwards in the winter months, ready for a new year.



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Friday, December 20, 2024 to Friday, January 3, 2025
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