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The Mythic Context

I will arrive at Abergavenny railway station at about 18.00hrs. So If anyone is passing by on the way to Tiratanaloka, I would like to be your passenger.
Or: if more people need a taxi, I would like to share the ride.


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Transcendental Principle

I live in Cambridge and I am hoping to find someone to give me a lift to Tiratnaloka for the Transcendental Principle retreat which starts on 10 November. I am happy to share petrol costs. If you prefer to text or call me my mobile number is 07787 844279. Best wishes, Linda

The Great Gathering

A chance to meet in great numbers, as the Buddha recommended for a thriving sangha, and to celebrate the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha together. 

**This will be held at Taraloka, with a team from Taraloka, Tiratanaloka and Buddhafield. Please book on the Taraloka website**

Going for Refuge


"As a committed Buddhist one goes for Refuge - or tries to - all the time. As one's appreciation of the Three Jewels grows, one's Going for Refuge becomes correspondingly more profound. And this can sometimes have surprising results."  Sangharakshita has said that the act of Going for Refuge is what makes one a Buddhist. What does this actually mean? And what are the possible results of this act for us?

Going for Refuge weekend

"The stillness and simplicity of a retreat provides the ideal basis for a heightened and consistent emotional positivity." A chance for a booster shot of Tiratanaloka and to spend time with sangha friends. Maybe your Going for Refuge group might like to come together. The theme of the weekend will be advertised closer to the date (sign up for our newsletter to recieve this).