Sub35 Online Day Retreat Online

Sub35 Online Day Retreat: Why Join An Order? 

Why join an Order? Isn’t enough to simply practice Buddhism without joining anything? Vajratara and Karunadhi from the women’s ordination team along with Dharmacharinis from the young people’s steering group, will communicate a glimpse of the vision of the Order and the potential of spiritual friendship. The Order is more than it appears to be, and to realise that, we must also realise that we are more than we appear to be…

Join us for an online day for young people training for ordination or thinking of training for ordination within the women’s wing of the Triratna Buddhist Order. 

7.30 - 8.30am Meditation
10.30am - 12.45pm Talk and groups
3.30 - 4.15pm Meditation

4.30 - 5.15pm groups
8pm Puja 


In preparation, please read, The Essential Sangharakshita, 5.3 ‘The Importance of Spiritual Friendship’ p500-505


This online day event is on a dana basis but we are suggesting an amount of £25.  Please feel free to pay more or less than this!

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Open to all women
Saturday, September 4, 2021
Suggested Donation: 

Suggested donation: £50

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