Online Order seminar - supporting the ordination process locally (code: OS213)

‘What is joy in the garden of the Dharma?  It is the joy of guarding the bodhicitta, of ripening living beings’.
How can you, as Order Members, best support people train for ordination in your local situation?  What might their next steps be? What role do local Dharmacharinis play, and what is the role of Tiratanaloka?  We will be helping you, whatever your local Sangha situation is, to work out how to best to engage with those training for ordination, encouraging them to flourish and enter into the mystery of the Order.

This is the third of 3 online Order seminars on consecutive days and we are offering them on a dana basis.  You are welcome to come on any or all of them. 

Each seminar will run from 10.30 until 1pm.

Monday, May 3, 2021
Suggested Donation: 

We're suggesting an amount of £35 per seminar, but please feel free to donate as much or as little as you want.  If you're booking on more than one day, then you can just make a single payment for all of them when making the first booking, but please do book online for all those you wish to attend.

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