Human Enlightenment - online retreat

Sangharakshita starts this series of 3 talks by describing the face of the Buddha as alive, alight: “in that light we see reflected an unfathomable knowledge, a boundless compassion, and an ineffable joy.” From the abstract heights of radiant awareness with no subject object duality, to the depths of meditation and into the gritty practicalities of dealing with polarised communication or supporting friends who are struggling, Sangharakshita is unfolding his vision of how the Three Jewels can be a lived experience in the modern world. The electrifying and comprehensive lectures on HUMAN ENLIGHTENMENT will be a spring board for discussion, meditation and puja in our online retreat.

The talks we will be studying can be found here.

This online retreat will involve a morning session from 10:30 - 13:00, an afternoon meditation at 16:00 and an evening session at 19:45, and will end at 13:00 on the last day.  If you think you'll be unable to commit to this timetable, please contact the team before booking.

If you're unable to pay for the retreat due to financial hardship, please contact us as you may be able to use our bursary fund.

Please note that from August 2020 onwards, we're asking people to only book on ONE retreat in a 3-month period - this is to give everyone a chance of getting a place on one of our retreats.  Please contact us if you have any queries about this.

Monday, September 28, 2020 to Friday, October 2, 2020
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