‘Opening the Lotus’: Online Weekend Retreat

‘Lotuses usually grow in muddy ponds; but although the plants grow in the mud, the flowers bloom out of the water, so that their petals are pure and unstained.  Because of this, the lotus has become a symbol of purity… it has come to symbolise the presence of the Unconditioned in the midst of the conditioned, the spiritual in the midst of the worldly, unstained by the conditions in which it appears.’ (Sangharakhsita)

‘Flowers like the lotus do not grow on the dry ground in the wilderness, but do grow in the swamps and mud banks.  Just so, the Buddha qualities do not grow in living beings certainly destined for the unconditioned, but do grow in those living beings who are like swamps and mud banks of passions’ (Vimalakirtinirdesa)

Join us for a weekend exploring the rich symbolism of the lotus: the white lotus of purity, the red lotus of compassion and the blue lotus that blooms at midnight.  How can we embody the qualities of the lotus and bloom amidst the conditions of the world?  What conditions do we need to grow?  Or is practice about opening to reveal our hidden nature as the lotus opens in the sun?  How can we help others to also flourish, so that the Sangha can be a lake of lotuses?  

We are running this weekend retreat online so that as many people as possible can join us.  It will start at 8pm on the Friday night, and end after the puja at 9pm on the Sunday night.

Friday, January 7, 2022 to Sunday, January 9, 2022
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