The Transcendental Principle Online - booking code OTP21

On this retreat we study together Chapter 1 of ‘A Survey of Buddhism’ - Sangharakshita’s wide-ranging, dynamic and sometimes challenging elucidation of conditioned arising, pratitya samutpada, the essence of the Buddha’s teaching. 

‘At first, the Buddha doubted the possibility of communicating this alchemical insight – what he called ‘the truth of pratitya-samutpada’ to anyone else.  But communicate it he did, deep and subtle as it was.  And though his seminal formulation of pratitya-samutpada engendered, over the years, a vast and rich array of teachings, it remains the basis, the very foundation, of all of them.’

The retreat starts with a dedication ceremony at 8pm (UK time) on Friday 15 January, and ends after the groups at 1pm on Sunday 24 January.

For those who have been on at least 2 other retreats with us
Friday, January 15, 2021 to Sunday, January 24, 2021
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