Bodhisattva Path Retreat

“..Bodhisattvas, contented as they may be in themselves, will not be ‘content’ as far as others are concerned.  They will see where the situation and circumstances of others can be improved or transformed, and will do something about it.” (Sangharakshita: Living with Kindness)

“..the Bodhisattva Ideal exemplifies, more perhaps than any other spiritual ideal, the potential for Enlightenment of humanity, and it exemplifies it in the clearest, the most unmistakable, the most glorious manner possible…… It is the Unconditioned at work in the midst of the conditioned; it is light at work in the heart of darkness”. (Sangharakshita: What is The Dharma?)

How can we both live a more contented life and, at the same time, have fewer limitations on what we do for others? On this retreat we’ll look at how the sublime path of the Bodhisattva can help us reconcile these sometimes contradictory trends in our own lives so that we may more fully become a lamp for those in need of light.

The team for this retreat will include Kalyacitta and Vajratara and you can find the study material here.


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Friday, August 26, 2022 to Sunday, September 4, 2022
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